Speaking Engagements

With a passion to help men, Terrence is very transparent about his life’s struggles growing up. From being fatherless to being bullied to being overlooked for promotions, Terrence desires to infuse men with the motivation they need to move forward in life.

The topics he covers are:

Establishing Your Affirmation as a Man

Overcoming Family Addictions

Becoming the Man God Desires and this World Needs

Masking Fear

Living in Power through Faith

Finding Freedom through Forgiveness or Bondage through Hatred

The Power of Being a Father

Developing Leadership Through Servanthood

Man2Man Coaching Sessions

Terrence has the ability to provide real world, understandable and tangible advice as to how to deal with the pressures of manhood. His purpose is to help men move closer to achieving their life's goals. He does this by asking challenging questions, making men understand the needed mindset versus their current mindset, assess their current life situation, reveal their true potential, and map out a direct route to reach their desired destiny.

Through his coaching sessions,
you will learn to:

Mentoring Men 4 Success Development Program Creation

For over 25 years, Terrence has worked with mentorship and male development programs. Through his experience, along with his organizational development skills, Terrence has to ability to work with organizations that are interested in taking their programs to the next level.

As a part of the program development, Terrence will:

Provide organizational structure needed to succeed

Help you understand your targeted audience

Help develop programming needed for your organization make an impact

Identify resources needed to create a sustainable program