About Me

Hey! Thanks for wanting to get to know me. I'm Terrence Wilson, and I've been navigating the fast-paced world of the Automotive Industry for over 20 years. For more than half of that time, I've been leading teams both locally and across the globe. But here's the thing—it's not just about crafting top-notch products for me; it's about building people. I firmly believe that when you invest in great people, they, in turn, create great products.

I'm known for my infectious confidence, but it wasn't always this way. Believe it or not, I've had my fair share of self-doubt. Growing up in a broken home from the age of five and dealing with constant bullying at school, and being angry that my father left, I often questioned my worth. The day I started focusing on the unique plan God had for me was the day everything began to change in my life.

My motto, "Empowered to Win," is all about strengthening men from the inside out. Life's a battle, sure, but with a bit of faith and resilience, I believe we can all come out on top. My goal? To help men build a solid foundation that'll hold them steady no matter what comes your way. Let's win this together…

What is My Belief Systems:

Community Organization Centered

Over the past several years as an executive within various companies, I have continuously worked to connect the companies I worked with to the communities we worked in. I truly believe my life is interconnect to the community I interface with.

As a leader, I have helped organizations grow from inception to over 300 members. A primary goal of the organizations was to ensure a connection to the community, including organizations such as BUF-MI, MHCC, APACC, amongst others.

Always looking to serve, I continuously use my abilities to mentor others. From working with boys' home and prisons to doing men's Bible studies to working with mentoring organizations, my desire is to impact men to win. Currently, I am Director for The Man to Man Project mentoring program.

Despite all the leadership positions I hold, my most valued position is that of a husband and father. I am married to a wonderful wife, Karen, with our two children, Dennis and Naomi.