Terrence Wilson

Who am I:

I am an Accepted Son, a Foundation Builder and a Servant Leader, with a passion to help men successfully complete life’s journey.

Through coaching and teaching seminars, I empower individuals to live in Love, Power and a Sound Mind, so they can move from victim to victor and live their best life.

My distinctive approach involves guiding people through life's intricacies by offering teachings that allow them to assess their current life situation, reveal their true potential, and map out a direct route to reach their desired destiny.

My vision in life is to see men grow from poverty to wealth in every area of their lives: being stable partners in their relationships, constant pillars in their communities, and having an abundance to be generous in their giving so they can Become the Man, Fulfill Their Destiny and Impact the World.

I understand the struggles that men have as we matriculate through maturity.

I understand what it means to be a son:

I understand the pressure of transitioning into manhood:

I understand the desire to progress professionally and the emotional toll it takes when you feel you’ve hit roadblocks.

I understand what it feels like to do your best but be treated as if it is not good enough.

I understand the desire to want other men look at me and desire to be me (it's a male pride things) and when this doesn't happen it messes with our psyche.

I understand the pressures of being a husband:

I understand the pressures of being a father:

In Search of a Father

Nearly half the children in America do not live with their fathers. Terrence Wilson was one of them. As a boy who struggled to become a man in spite of the absence of his father, and this experience has enabled him to write with deep understanding and compassion for all those who are In Search of a Father.

Not only do I understand the struggles of men, I have for the past 25 years mentored men to be the best they can be.